Is this worth $698???

  1. I initially saw this the other day and was like "eh" well today I saw it again and I love it. Nice size, strap lays nicely. But $698???? Think it will still be here for Dec. PCE???
  2. Hmm..I think it's a bit overpriced. It's not really my style.
  3. ^Agreed.
  4. I personally think the Thompson's are overpriced. When I originally fell in love with the Chelsea Abbey, at a whopping $798, everyone said it was so pricey because it had a lot of hardware on it and that is true. But now I'm liking one of the new Thompson bags which is also $698 and I don't see a ton of hardware on that bag to justify the price-although I haven't seen it irl yet.

    Yes, it's big. But not much bigger than a leather Carly which is priced significantly cheaper.
  5. Well, I saw the Thompson's at lunch and the leather is far superior to the Abbey IMHO. But it's still pricey, I agree.
  6. I like everything about it but I think it is over priced.
  7. Definitely overpriced.....all the Thomsons' are. :tdown: I'm on my way right now to check them out in person..but I still think I'll have the same opinion when I get back..:s
  8. I think it's a bit much...
  9. Just got back..they didn't have the Thompon's in yet. They did have a Thompson slim tote in parchment that someone ordered and never picked up. It was a nice looking tote but again...too expensive.
  10. I really love the Thompson line, especially the top handle bag. But that one goes for $898. Way too expensive, IMO.
  11. I was going to put my 2 cents in, hmmmm . . . probably not!!!! :confused1:
  12. please do, what are your thoughts!
  13. I can't believe how expensive the Thompson line is. They're nice looking bags but $700??? Come on, really.
  14. I am for real. My head was thinking bleecker, the light came on and I realized you were asking about the thompson . . . I did go to a boutique last week, even if I'm not interested in a style I still like to feel the bags, weight and density/leather quality (not mfg. quality). I don't remember seeing/feeling this particular bag, so I cannot give you an honest 2 cents! Sorry. It is a nice shape and size and I do like flaps! Wait for PCE!!!!!

    I will say price wise for the bleeckers, these leathers are lighter/thinner, which is nice for those who don't want a weighty bag, but comparing heavy legacy leathers to bleeckers I question the trade off. Prices are always going to go up, but is there also a sacrifice of leather. Do you remember when you could buy a POUND (16 ounces) of coffee, then the prices started rising, instead of shocking consumers with the price of a pound of coffee, mfg's reduced the size of the can? I wonder the same about leather. I may be wrong but the bleecker flap 10x10x4 smaller than Ali is $30 more, but the same price as the current legacy shoulder flap which is a weightier/thicker leather. Am I making sense?
  15. I really like the simple look of several of the Thompson bags...but when looking at them on the website....WHAT??? That leather better be bettah than buttah for those prices...too bad, because I think I would like them, if not for that one small detail!!:p