Is This Work or City ?

  1. Is this a work or a city ? guys need your input which is better and practical the work or city im 5'1 and im going to use it as my daily bag... thanks in advance :P

    im just waiting for my first to arrive and im already planning to buy my next bbag .. now, i believe everyone here this bag is addictive !!! :love:
  2. Should there be an attachment, kaka?
  3. opps sorry here's the pic :shame: .. is this the work or city ?
    wht work ca copy.jpg
  4. hi booyah sorry im so clumsy here's the attachment :smile:
  5. city

    Editted to say I'm 5'1 and 3/4, so I round to 5'2 lol - I use a city bag as my everyday bag.
  6. Yup- city. It's gorgeous and it looks so stark white- the color really pops!
  7. wow..i'm amazed by how bright that white city is. :shocked:
  8. thanks livinluxuriously :smile: thought its work it looks big ......does the city fit a lot of things ?
  9. its looks so nice on her ... and quite big which i love
  10. No prob, sweetie! ;)
  11. Yeah, it's a city and I believe it's quite spacious enough for daily essentials! Some who have the work also say it's a wonderful bag for everyday as well!
  12. The main difference, other than that the Work is a bit larger is that the Work doesn't have the shoulder strap. So, if that matters to you, you might definitely want the City. I personally like the extremes more--the Small for when I have less stuff and then for when I have a lot of stuff, I have my Work, which I was initially dubious about, but have come to love.
  13. It looks big because Christina is really small and skinny lol.

    It fits alot - I typically fill mine with my makeup bag, wallet, ipod in case, hairbrush, agenda, keys, cell phone and hand sanitizer. It still has room.
  14. Its a city. But one thing to remember, most all of these celebs. weigh about 25lbs. so the bags always look alot bigger on them. I am 5ft. 2 and the city is excellent for me as an every day bag;) and it dosent look as if I can fit in it:lol:
  15. thanks guys :heart: i think the city will look better on me im quite petit :smile:

    susan-eric thanks! your telling me work has no strap just made my decision so much easier, i need to have a strap on my bag :love: