Is this wierd?

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  1. So I listed a bag yesterday and I got one buyer emailing me saying she wants the bag but can only pay early next week and if I could remove my immediate payment option on my listing.

    I recognised her ebay ID but I cant seem to remember what her user ID is on here. So anyway I said ok and advise her to pay me ASAP.

    She BIN'ed it and emailed me thanking me and telling me she will try to pay at the weekend if not early next week.

    So this morning I was surfing the bay and noticed that my buyer has listed an exact same bag (the one she really wanted from me) her bag has more wear marks on the corners though for a lower starting price and a BIN with the same price as mine.

    I know its really none of my business what she sells and what she buys but am I looking into things to deeply?
  2. Maybe she is not happy with the condition of her bag and wants the same one in better shape ? and hopefully not lose too much money on it? that was my first thought.
  3. ^^Yeah, that was my immediate thought too - so the buyer is TPFer?
  4. Hey Nat, thanks maybe your right. its just I have been reading so really wierd stories on here and my mind went into overdrive.

    yes Sianii, she is but I can for the life of me remember her user name.
  5. ^^I completely understand why - the joys of the Ebay forum! :smile:
  6. Very possible she loves the bag and wants a better example of it--you know, upgrading. Don't worry without cause.:smile:
  7. Sounds like she is trying to sell her bag so she can then pay for yours? I would urge her to pay when she said she would, and if she does not pay in timely manner, relist and block her. That sounds a bit cheesy to me. I always do "immediate payment" with BIN so people can't do stuff like this. I mean they can charge it to their CC on PP and then deal with paying their CC later (instead of you), right? Let's hope she comes through.
    Report to us what happens.
  8. or maybe she just wanted to sell her bag first? Honestly, you are being a little too trusting. Why would someone repurchase a bag they are trying to sell? I wouldnt be surprised if she changed her mind after she sold her bag. EBAY is a jungle and I am always paranoid someone is going to rip me off and i barely sell or buy anyhing on it per year.
  9. I have done that. Sold a more used bag to get a newer one just like it!
  10. Too trusting? I wouldn't let the conspiracy theories fly without some solid evidence. Buying and selling is what ebay is all about so as long as she follows through (which 100% of buyers who have made that request from me have) why worry? Better yet, why not drop her a quick note and ask?
  11. thanks ladies I did email her and she put my mind to rest. Buyer's bag is glazed leather and mine is the pebbled version. Shes selling her bag as she doesnt need two of the same colour just that she doesnt like her glazed version.
  12. corrected....frankly reading the ebay scamming thread has made completely paranoid....I had no idea what was going on - so yes i am paranoid now...but mostly due the ebay forum.