Is this why I have a fresh break out?

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  1. You know how when you change shampoos you get some pimples on your hairline? well i have been switching between moisturizers this week trying to find a new that why i have a fresh break out on my chin? i found one i thought i really liked but now i am worried THAT is making me break out rather than just the use of different ones...

    tell me it is cause i have been using lots of them!
  2. quite possibly yes. is there a pore clogging ingredient in any of the moisturizers that u have been using?
  3. i don't know what would count as a pore
  4. If you've been using a lot of new products in a short period of time, it will be hard to tell which exact one is causing the breakout. I'd suggest waiting until the breakout has cleared up and then trying each new product one at a time for several days to a week.
  5. I think mineral oil clogs pores. Maybe that's it? :shrugs: although I think that's only in body lotions such as Lubriderm.

    I have never gotten pimples from shampoos. :hrmm:
  6. Im not sure, but I recently bought a new toothpaste and I broke out on my chin area
  7. the only way to find out is to go back to ur old moisturizer. but were you testing them on ur chin specifically? could just be a coincidence
  8. Have you used a new fabric softener or different dryer sheet? I noticed a breakout on one side of my face and attributed it to that. Sleeping on the pillowcase with all the dryer sheet residue can do it.
  9. hmm i woke up and the break out was gone?! so weird! i didn't put any anti-pimple stuff on it either....
  10. ^ That's so weird MJDaisy!

    I have heard before that it can take up to 2 weeks for a particular product to cause a breakout.