Is this whiskey?

  1. I am now vacillating between the Paddy small box tote and the small front pocket satchel. I originally thought I wanted it in tan, but decided that tan would be too close to my baby Paddy is taupe. I think whiskey might be a good colour to add to my collection, in particular, the colour called Ecureil.

    I found a small front pocket satchel that is described as whiskey tan, but I think it looks more tan than ecureil. What do you ladies think it is? Tan or ecureil?
  2. I agree that bag looks more whiskey than tan to me....but, it could be the lighting. Why don't you email the seller and see?
  3. Hi Roxane, I would not discount Tan. As I thought the taupe and tan would be similar, but as you can see from my bags, there is no similarity whatsoever! :biggrin:

  4. I think it's tan vice whiskey too.
  5. Yeah, and the seller, legalboutique, is pretty educated about her paddingtons. It is a beauty of a bag though!