Is this what y'all have been waiting for?

  1. I've been getting a lot of PMs of late from people asking me to show the discontinued bags that I've acquired so far. I was going to wait until I got the very last one, but because I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that, I finally caved in to your requests and show you what I have right now.

    Special thanks go to everyone who helped me in my ever-agonizing and ever-fickle decision-making process.

    They all arrived on different days in a span of about four weeks, so I'm posting them in the order in which they arrived.

    Monogram Cerises Speedy 25 - 8/26/2006

    I don't know what made me fall in love with this, because I've seen so many fake cherries running around that I swore I'd never get one of them. But the cherries are so cute, and the bag is brand new!


    Monogram Klara - 8/28/2006

    This is the one bag I always struggled to get. I bid on two real ones before this, but always lost out. It's really thanks to Itsabagslife that I got this, because she sold it to me on the Marketplace! It can hold so much more than I thought, and it fits very nicely as a shoulder bag.


    Cherry Blossom Papillon Red/Creme - 9/2/2006

    Like the Cerises, I'd also seen enough of the brown and pink fakes being dragged around, and initially I hated this line. But then when I saw the red/cream combination and realized I'd never seen any of these on the streets, I fell in love with it! I was trying to decide whether to get this one that was sold by thehuangfamily, or one by another seller. I'm glad that I got this one, because the condition is flawless.


    Mini Monogram Trapeze PM Rose - 9/2/2006

    I saw this at the Manhattan's 5th Ave flagship last April, and at that time I liked it, but couldn't decide on it yet. And when I went back to Manhattan in November, I chose the Denim Neo-Speedy over this, and by the time I got back to Buffalo I was already regretting not buying the Trapeze PM as well. This one is also from thehuangfamily, and in mint condition.


    Mini Monogram Josephine PM Navy TST - 9/11/2006

    This pretty much went the same way as the Jasmin, except that Lola24 found an auction for this on eBay, but in true Sandra fashion, I procrastinated and lost out again. Then finally authentic_lvlady listed one on eBay, so I snagged it! I got it for a really good price, and it's in terrific condition. This is the only color I've ever liked in the Mini Monogram line, and it's such a great everyday bag.


    Monogram Vernis Bedford Marshmallow - 9/20/2006

    Some time ago I had a hard time deciding between this and a Marshmallow Biscayne Bay PM, but finally my love for the barrel shape won, and with guccigoo's help, I got the Bedford. I'm totally in love with the color, and it looks so pretty with the shape of the bag. This is my fourth, and probably last, barrel-shaped bag.


    Group shot!



    So there you are, ladies and gentlemen. God only knows when and how often I'll ever use these bags, and it's pretty damn clear that I've become more of a collector than a user, but life's too short to be missing out on all the great bags, no?
  2. great additions! love the trapeze, i've also regretted not buying it when it was available.
  3. Great booty you've got yourself here! Don't you just love collecting LE LVs!?
  4. I love all your new bags! Congrats!!
  5. I really love the Josephine! All your bags are beautiful :love:
  6. you love to model your bags, dont you? :happydance:

    so true - and there are 365 days in year :graucho: :cutesy:
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your bags!

    And I especially love your outfits and your shoes!
  8. All so beautiful!!! Great condition on all of them too! Congrats on such a great collection of discontinued's!!!!
  9. Congrats.
  10. Those bags looks so good on you! You sure know how to work it!!! I love your LE collection, it's TDF!:drool: :drool: :drool:
  11. oh wow! i esp. love, love your new cerises speedy and cb papillon. those two bags are what provoked my interest in lv in the first place. so jealous~ :P
  12. Beautiful collection. I'm glad it has worked out for you.
  13. Just WOW!!!! So beautiful!Thanks for the wonderful pictures and visuals.
  14. CONGRATS on the amazing collection! You get the awesomest best pieces! LOVE THEM ALL!
  15. Damn girl your thread made me want to cry with all the beautiful stuff, Congratulations, and your outfits always looks so cute when you model your bags.:yahoo: