Is This What I Can Expect From LV???

  1. I have been wanting a Lockit for some time now...eventually the Suhali but will start with the Epi. Is this what happens to LV bags over time??? Bummer. That's not the quality I was hoping for or that I have been hearing about.:confused1:
  2. O:huh: I would certainly hope not. That person didn't take care of that bag much at all.
  3. OMg that's bad is that your bag? how long have you had it/used it?

    If it's yours take it back they should exchange it
  4. It looks like someone poured acid on it! Poor speedy!
  5. It is a black epi Lockit on eBay.
  6. That bag looks abused. LV is very high quality, but it doesn't mean you can abuse it.
    Just like you wouldn't put Wedgewood in the dishwasher, you don't subject LV to harsh treatment.
  7. It looks like it has been abused.
  8. if LV had really bad quality and reputation, the LV Subforum won't be the biggest and most active in the entire Purseblog Forum :yes: this bag seems like its a very old and abused bag. no bag is totally indestructible. but it is very difficult to "kill" an LV bag for sure. you would have to really try hard to damage it.
  9. eeek, someone definitely abused that poor speedy! My Mom's speedy is about 30 years old and it doesn't look anything like that!
  10. Looks like she used hand sanitizer. Even (or especially) the best leathers will dry out without conditioning and hand sanitizer (basically alcohol) will cause irreparable damage.
  11. Thats not normal...that person probably has had that bag and used it everyday all day for years nad possibly spilt something or like tek said used sanitzier on it. Or maybe even trid to scrub it with a brillo pad? That is very unlikely....
  12. OH wow... Not pretty
  13. Is this possibly the peeling with the Epi bags that someone else was talking about in another thread? I have never had an Epi but want one and the comment about the bag peeling surprised me.
  14. I wonder if it's from wearing a lot of rings, and how they turn and the details maybe wore it down? I could be totally wrong but I can't imagine how that would happen.
  15. Should I be conditioning the leather on my LVs? Which leathers need conditioning (vachetta, epi, damier, patent on Mirage)? I had not heard that I should condition them. I did use Wilson's on the vachetta, but that's it.