Is this weird?

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  1. I was walking my dog in my presumably safe neighborhood the other day. It was about the time the middle school kids were walking home from school, and there were lots of younger kids playing on the sidewalks.

    A purple car starts following me around, then stops in the street (passenger side to me) and the driver asks me if he can pet my dog. My dog goes "woo woo woo!" at him and I say "I don't think so." Then he says he had a dog just like mine that passed away at 7 years old.

    I sort of believe him, he could be a neighbor, but the dog said "no", so I don't feel bad. If he wasn't in a car, I probably would have said OK.

    Weird? Not weird? What do you think?
  2. I consider most people to be weirdos.
    Including myself.

    So, if I don't want a particular weirdo spreading extra-weird all over my dog--no wrong, imo.
  3. I often ask people if I can say hello to their dog (pet it). But I wouldn't follow someone in my car. And if the dog said no, his instinct was probably right. I wonder if this person wanted to steal your dog. Is is a pure bred? Or to steal you? Either way, better safe than sorry.
  4. This. Weird with a capital W. Your dog, OP, is clearly a good judge of character.
  5. Yes. Animals have better instinct about humans than humans do from my experience. It's one thing to pass a dog on the sidewalk and say this, but following in a car seems shady to me. You have a smart dog.
  6. I'm the crazy bulldog lady.

    If I'm in the car, stopped at a light and see one. I smile and make sounds to get the dogs attention. I do tell the owner I have two. But I wouldn't get out of my car to pet the dog.

    Who knows though, everyone's different.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'm going to assume this is innocent for now. I checked on and no one has reported any suspicious activity. (It is a pretty active community.)

    The guy did recognize my dog as a purebred. A lot of people I talk to on my dog walks recognize me, so maybe this guy did too, IDK. And the dog still barks at just about everyone (she is still a puppy, almost a year old). However I will be careful as to who pets the puppy - I allow her to back away when she meets any dog or person (she gets shy when she gets close to dogs) and I'll be careful about getting close to cars.
  8. This is what I was thinking. You never know who to trust. You and your dog are smart to be careful.
  9. I'm always leery of strange men in cars who try to talk to me, especially when I'm walking a dog. I ignore them and walk away as quickly as possible. Something about them seems so threatening, so I follow my gut and hurry on as fast as we can.

  10. +1 There are too many stories involving men in cars abducting women who were walking!
  11. Update: Turns out that the man and his wife live next door to a couple who I have seen walking their dog for years. I saw her today (their neighbor) and she mentioned that her neighbors recently lost their dog and were devastated. She mentioned that he had talked to me from his car a while ago, and he didn't understand why I wouldn't let him pet my dog. Apparently his wife understood why I thought it was weird that he was following me in his car.

    Anyway I told her to tell him that my puppy (now an adult dog) has some new sibling puppies, and to contact me via if he wanted the breeder info.
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  12. Good ending