Is this weird??

  1. I am definitely not an LV fan and only like 2 styles and some denim bags but would never purchase b/c I think the price is high for a piece of denim with leather handles. But that Riveting bag... I can't wait until the weekend so I can carry it (I don't carry it to work to avoid "how much did it cost?" questions). I fell in love with it when I saw it (total impulse purchase) and it's growing on me more and more. It's like I killed all my LV lemmings with it. Can't stop staring at it. Have I gone crazy? I am sure there is a diagnosis for this :smile:
  2. the diagnosis is you have unfortunately cought the LV bug. we all have it. i still feel that way about my speedy. its my baby.
  3. oops :nuts:
  4. Sorry but the diagnosis is..... that you will have to go to the boutique as often as you can!!! And constantly think about new bags!!! I was like you before I came on here and now there are sooo many LV bags i love xx
  5. You are saying I am going to become obsessed? I hope not... I feel like that bag is perfection. It's a little heavy and "fat-bottomed" but all in all - perfect and a looker :yes: When I carry it, I sort of just stare at it and don't look where I am going... I am going to trip over something if I keep at it. Yep, I am officially nuts :nuts:
  6. My honest opinion is you can/will probably be content w/ just the riveting bag for a long time if you don't lurk/post around here. The purse forum plants ideas/thoughts in our heads about bags we didn't necessarily entertain before so that is when obsession kicks in and you start planning future purchases of what you now 'need'!! But this place is so much fun, so how do we resist? We simply can't, so the price we pay for reading and enjoying LV is the possiblity(a very strong one) of doing more damage on the wallet in buying more LV, and if you browse other forums, forget it, the list could be endless, lol! I have a feeling you'll be wanting more before you know it! ;)
  7. Welcome to the dark side.:graucho:
  8. My wishlist is a clear example of a lot of things I didn't think I would entertain or want. I never knew or heard of a wapity before tpf. My eBay friend bought a recital and I was like, that's nice and then I see a pic of VB wearing it in one of the threads here and wow now it's a must have piece for me and I had originally planned on a mere mono pochette but now that seems too simple and juvenile for me(I'm not a teen and feel at my age a more substantial evening bag is in order). What else? Oh yes, the azur, initially I HATED it when I saw pics of it back in Nov. or whenever it was discussed on the eBay board I used to post on, that is until I came here and saw picture after picture of gorgeous stunning refreshing azur speedy 30's and now it's a MUST HAVE, lol. See where I'm going with this? tpf, a huge enabler!
  9. What denim bags do you like btw? I love the baggy pm and neo in every color they make, but am not doing it bec. of the price and other things on the list that are more pressing. I have a feeling denim will be in your future, especially if you click on some of these neo threads, woooh, those pics, dangerous! oh and beware of the visuals thread, you will discover untapped desires as well, same goes for the celebrity thread!lol
  10. :yes:
  11. you see it starts off small like this and then becomes a full blown OBSESSION!

    i love each and every one of my bags from the first day i got them right up to now. Sometimes i hate some of the bags LV bring out, but then i see them so much on the forum i end up HAVING to buy them!!!

    hence why im now poor, lol!
  12. I like the neo speedy (sort of, don't care for handheld bags in general, but it's so cute). I usually don't like the speedy style, only that denim one. I don't think I will spend the money on it though. I mean, c'mon, it's a piece of denim with handles!! Very limiting bag, imo.
  13. Get out now while you can!!!! Just kidding, it's torture of the best kind to be addicted to lv!
  14. :graucho:
  15. you starts with one that you really fall in love with and then you continute reading + seeing the pics on the LV forum and then before you know it, you've bought 6 purses in 2 months. :wtf: there's something really eye opening and enabling about this forum that i truly love. i've purchased and fell in love with things i would have NEVER bought if it wasn't for the other lovely tPFers here on the lv forum!! and welcome to our world. muhahaha.