Is this wedge seasonal shoes????

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    Wohhh, my bad. I mistook it with this wedge! The one I tried on today is the different one (it's this season's wedge). haha

    I saw this wedge in the picture like last year, but just have a chance to try them on today. I love it!!!

    Is it a seasonal item or it come out every season b/c if it is I will buy it now!!! what color do they come in??? I looked in Chloe website and see that they come in tan and white, but the pic I saw is the grey one though (confuse confuse!!!)

    I might have a so-called Chloe-madness now!!! a bag.. and now SHOES!!!!

    Oh oh one more thing, how's the Chloe shoe sizing???? I'm always a 39 but when I try it on today it feels kinda fit (maybe after a while it might stretch a bit) but 40 is a bit lose though. FYI, I wear ferragamo shoe in size8.

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  2. They have this style on Yoox and they do fit very'd probably need a whole size larger...
  3. So I need to wear a size 40 for Chloe, right???

    I checked on the website, but nothing though??
  4. You have to change the season of the collection you're viewing. It's in the Spring/Summer.
  5. Generally Chloe shoes/boots are true to Size but these particular wedges fit VERY small!
    I even went a half size up and they were too I returned them!