Is this website legit?

  1. Is this website legit, you think?
    Are the bags fake or original.
    Thanks for any reply.
  2. Prices seem to good to be true. Probably fake. There's something about the pictures that just looks a little off...JMO.
  3. Fake! Just a tip for cannot buy authentic LV anywhere online except for Plus, the price of the Chanels = total giveaway!
  4. Thanks for the response. They almost fooled me.
  5. Yeah, these are pretty horrible fakes. Stay away from any sites selling LV, Chanel, or Balenciaga. LV is only available in LV stores,, and Chanel is not available online at all. Balenciaga is only available at Balenciaga stores or on Even aloharag is not allowed to show pics or take orders online. You have to actually call their store. Any other sites claiming to sell these brands (other than a few consignment resellers) are selling fakes.
  6. Seems too good to be true and therefore fake.
  7. terrible fakes. i saw the handbag they had for Chanel (allegedly sold out:rolleyes:) and it was a horrible knock off!!

    your only bet for getting an authentic designer handbag on sale would be