Is this website legit?...Chloe bags for $299, etc.

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  1. So I did a search on tPF and I wasnt able to find any threads mentioning this one website that was promoted on myspace. I am a bit weary due to all of those websites out there who claim they sell Authentics. I'm not sure how old this site is, but i'm curious because some of the prices seem way too good to be true while other items seem to be listed for reasonable prices. Here's the link:

    Shop Candy Couture About Us

    Has anyone:
    1) heard of this site?
    2) discovered whether the items are Authentic, as stated? (Chloe bags for $299, CL for $599...)
    3) had any experiences buying from this site?
  2. This site sells LV. No site othern than and can sell authentic LV items.

    I believe when a site sells one fake the rest are usually so as well.

    When the deal looks too good to be true- it usually is! Sorry!
  3. this forum is for DEALS & STEALS, a place to find good buys.
    Please only post authenticity in the designer subforums Authenticate This! stickies or in Handbags and Purses for bags, The Glass Slipper for shoes, etc. . . .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.