Is this website for real?

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  1. I found a website on the internet where there are prada and other handbags offered for very low prices..I can't believe how anyone could be able to sell these bags so cheaply..In the disclaimer it says that everything is guaranteed authentic...i was very interested in the v158 laptop messenger!the problem is that on eluxury that bag costs about 600 dollars and on the site only that possible??has anyone here ever bought something from there??

    url:: Prada Handbags
  2. i wouldn't trust this site.

    btw--eluxury does not sell prada!!

  3. ohh yeah....^^ sorry i confused eluxury with neiman marcus..sorry, my bad!
  4. A cornucopia of copies..... Run away!
  5. Please post authenticity question s in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.