is this website for real?

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    is this website for real? A 35cm Birkin for $229? Plus everything else they have...its unreal.

    it seems almost too good to be it probably is.

    has anyone had any experience with this website? are they known for fakes?
  2. They are some very bad fakes...
  3. SUPER too good to be true= fake.

  4. "All products are similar to the original brand unless specified otherwise. Although our products are comparable in style and quality to the brand name they may differ. "

    Taken off of the privacy policy need to check all the pages on these sites. About us...FAQs....Privacy Policy...etc. There is usually a clause that says basically "hey, these are fake"
  5. oh my.

    I'm ashamed I even bothered to post this. As quoted from the site's feedback page:

    "The Chanel Bag you sent is just perfect. These are wonderful I cannot tell the difference, are your LV bags as good? I order again soon.
    Paula French
    Boston MA."

    People are knowingly paying 100s of dollars for fakes...not to mention the poor grammar. How sad.
  6. C'mon.....Hermes for $229? They might as well stamp "fake" on the bags. Don't fall for it.
  7. ^ Yes, or 'Hermesn't'! :lol:
  8. Fake! No birkin is $229! Even in real bad shape it wouldnt cost that low :P
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