Is this web legit?

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  1. Do they sell auth shoes?

  2. I believe they are legit.
  3. Yep - the are 100% legit :tup:
  4. They sure are!
  5. Are the prices reasonable? or could I find a better deal like at BG, NM etc?
  6. They actually deduct the VAT when shipping to the Us, so they can be quite affordable.

    It's always best to compare though. Every store has different mark ups on different styles.
  7. Whats VAT?

    And how do you order?
  8. VAT is Value Added Tax, which is currently 17.5% of the cost of the item. It is normally added on to give a final cost price but can be removed if the item is going abroad. Obviously, you may have to pay Import and local taxes on delivery.
  9. Browns is a very high end boutique and I've had some great service from there when I've done mail orders. But as Panrixx said you may well get import duties and if there is a problem with the size or such it may be a pain to return them internationally... just to take into account.
  10. how do I order?
  11. 100 % legit!!
  12. You order just like any other on-line place. Choose the item, put it in your shopping cart and check out.
  13. ^ You have to email them to order. I've ordered from them before- all you have to do is click the "email us to purchase this item" and write the style and size you need. That should work.
  14. wow, Browns have quite a few styles that I've never seen before! :wtf:
  15. Thx you