Is this wallet worth getting?

  1. hello all! it's my first post here but i've been reading a lot!

    i'm thinking of getting my first gucci wallet but i'm not sure what to look out for so i'm here to learn from the pros! :p

    i kind of like this wallet but will it last me through all the wear and tear?


    pic from

  2. I have a wallet from the Punch collection. It's been great and held up really well. Hope this helps!
  3. i had that wallet but sold it to my younger sister. I loved it and used it alot but i bought another one with the web on the front. It's great, nice leather inside and the canvas holds up very well.
  4. gucci wallets are awesome....tottattttlly love them!! :smile: get it...think about it this way, while u may change purses often you will ONLY have one wallet! hehe get it get it!
  5. I really like that one a lot-- although I like the bigger version because you can use it as a clutch just for running around and that little metal detail where it snaps closed is really nice and simple. I love it.
  6. thats really cute - hope you get one :smile:
  7. Gucci canvas holds up very well. Even on items that are handled much more frequently than bags, like wallets.