Is this wallet too big???

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  1. Hello ladies.... I been of the forum because I was getting to addicted
    But I need your help. I bought this Leather Turnlock slim envelope wallet/cluth.
    I love it!!! I think the inside is too die for! but my problem is that the wallet looks big. I am not sure. What do you ladies think? Anyone else have in and use it as a wallet only?
    Any help would be great. Thank you.

    Also I was looking at the new madison wallet zip around... Does anyone own it? The fuschia color? Should I exchange it. This wallet

    Okay, I spent an hour trying to load the pics but here is an auction with the pics..... not mine. I swear.
  2. not sure about the size, but regardless, i wouldnt sit on this one, get it now

    before someone snags it

    its TDF
  3. While it's a gorgeous wallet IRL, I declined buying one because of it's size. The combination of the leather thickness and the accordian pleats make the top of the wallet really wide, and that's when it's empty! Having this filled will even add to the width. When you turn it to the side, the top is thicker/wider than the bottom and it just looks odd.

    This wallet's design is just like the Hamptons Vintage Leather wallet from a couple of years ago. I do own this one and it too has the same thick width issue for me. However, the MFF version is more exaggerated, imo.

    I would suggest you buy one if you can return it, to see if it works for you because it is a beautiful wallet. It just might be too big when filled, especially if you carry alot in your wallet.