Is this Vinyl or Patent?

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  1. I've posted pics of my Rock flap everywhere I think (Authenticate This, Reference library, and in a previous thread where I mistakenly called it the Rock and Chain).

    It feels like patent and looks like patent, but I believe I've read somewhere on the forum that it's vinyl? I do remember seeing the smaller version last fall and it felt very much like a ziploc bag. This does not feel the same.

    Also I got the bag from let-trade and while they said it's definitely patent, they now have the same bag avaialable and descirbe it as vinyl. I am so confused. (but :heart::heart::heart: the bag!!!)
    Can someone enlighten me please?

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  2. LOL! I didn't have the heart to tell you in the Post your patent items thread. . . it's vinyl:yes:
    That's why it's SOOO light! I love it!
  3. Ok, I want to go throw myself in a river now...

    I asked like 1 million times before I bought this thing. Not that it matters as I would've bought it anyway. Ironic that my biggest Chanel high would come from a non-leather bag:lol:

    Thanks, swanky! Now anyone who sees my posts in the reference thread will be just as confused :P Please delete that if you can.
  4. I told you it was vinyl. I have one and I love it. patent leather is not as light or flexible and tends to peel off with time. Dont worry no one will be the wiser.Enjoy it...It's a hot bag!!!!!
  5. Even though it's vinyl, I love this bag. It's light and functional, enjoy your bag!
  6. I love this bag, it's actually vinyl not patent....that's why the bag can be so light-weight!

    Gorgeous, congrats!!
  7. I remember:smile: It's just that I kept getting conflicting information and since I posted it as the "Rock and Chain" and not the Rock flap, I figured we might be talking about different bags? Anyway, yes you are right, I absolutely love it! I keep thinking I want a classic jumbo but I know my stuff just won't fit (I still may get one before the price gets out of reach). This one takes everything in it and still looks great:smile: It's also the perfect size - a much better fit than my gigantic patent bowler.
  8. It's a great bag. Don' get too caught up the fact that it's not patent leather. I bought a lot of patent things this fashion season and my patent Robert Rodriquez jacket peeled away. This bag looks great for ev as well. I wear it with my patent pumps...or patent boots. It's a hot set. Wear it in good health.

    BTW the reason I wound up with this bag was because alot of other chanel bags were too heavy for me. It's a very in demand bag...Your lucky u have it :tup:
  9. ^^ Thanks. I don't feel bad at all about it being vinyl. I do feel bad I've been saying it's patent when it isn't (I'd just rather be accurate is all). I love leather but I do have non-leather bags that have stood the test of time. I love Prada Nylon bags - they look great even 10 years later, and can't complain about LV canvas either.

    I've been wanting a Luxe flap forever and this is a similar shape without the weight. Totally perfect for me!
  10. Nevertheless a fab bag!

    Congrats Z! :graucho:
  11. Thanks, G! Why are you up at 2 am? :graucho:
    I found my P-B! Can't wait to have it in my hands!
  12. Congrats~ I ordered a vinyl bag too (the melrose); and hey, you can wear it in ALL weather and don't have to worry!! Yours is a beauty~congrats!!!
  13. Vinyl...I have it and LOOOOOVE it!
  14. I have this bag in the large size and love it to death, you can throw it around and not have to worry about it at all, in any weather. It's my perfect goto bag.