Is this vintage LV authentic?

  1. A co-worker of mine (who knows nothing about bags) gave me this vintage LV luggage bag because she says it sits in her closet and she never uses it (her neice gave it to her when she didn't want it anymore) she knows I love bags....I want to sell it because I want to buy a new handbag....but if I sell it on Ebay I want to make sure I know if it is authentic or not.....because I definitely do not want to rip anyone off...I am an honest seller...if it is authentic, how much would it be worth? Thanks!! :biggrin:

    PS. It looks like one of the handles has been replaced, because of the difference in the patina. You can tell this bag is old.

    And it does not look that orangey (the trim) in real life!
    000_0284.JPG 000_0285.JPG 000_0286.JPG 000_0287.JPG 000_0288.JPG
  2. Looks like a bad fake to me. It looks like something I would immediately dismiss as a fake, let's put it that way.
  3. darnit! i was hoping I got lucky lol :P
  4. Lol! Wait a while. See what other people say. I think it's a fake though.
  5. I agree with RobbieNEmmy. Not only is it fake, it's a really BAD fake....sorry:sad2: V