is this vintage louis vuitton real?????

  1. I would like to buy this vintage louis vuitton bag, speedy 25, seller says it is from the 70's Lvs are upside down on the other side.....zipper pull says made in france not talon.....the handles and trim are already DARK DARK but what is throwing me is this oval/cirlce "patch" on the front of this say LV louis vuitton paris made in france....can anyone who knows about the vintage LV bags help me out?
    small pic.jpg
  2. Fake. Your question has been answered in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky above.

    Also, for future reference, all authenticity questions need to go there. :yes:
  3. thank, I'm new here, I will try to get this down....I will try to go find that "sticky" there are no patches on the vintage bags?
  4. No patches on vintage bags.