Is this unusual?

  1. Hey everyone.

    I just wanted to see what you guys thought about this. Today I received my beautiful MJ Venetia, which I already love, and which I paid for on Saturday and was shipped out Monday.

    That's not the issue, though. I, along with my grandmother, placed a phone order with NM SF on Friday, January 12, pretty early in the day, for my first Balenciaga, a small black whistle bag. I bought it then because I figured it would arrive on or around my birthday a week later.

    Well, it didn't. I've been patient, but it hasn't come yet! I live in Missouri, not overseas. I'm worried because what if my package went to someone else? They told me they used Fedex, a service which is normally fast.

    What should I do/think? I'm just worried and getting impatient here.
  2. aww sorry to hear that! do you have a tracking #? Parcels like that would usually come with one so you can track it down online - esp. as you ordered from such a reputable store. Do ring NM up and see if what they say...
    GOOD LUCK! :heart:
  3. I would call NM and inquire as to the status..if they sent it fedex they would have a tracking number and you can look online under fedex tracking...I bought a bag from Barneys in Ca and it took 2 weeks to get to PA also sent by fedex but by ground which is a slower trip...

    Good luck and congrats on a new your new bag...
  4. ^^^^
    Do call and get a tracking number, they should be able to provide it to you ASAP. Ground shipping sometimes takes ages, I'm sure she'll be here soon!
  5. Of course, when I finally start worrying enough to post about this, it arrives the same day. I LOVE IT EVEN MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD!
    The leather is TDF! So smooshy, a little wrinkly, so soft... this bag fits my personal style perfectly. I'll post pictures in a minute.

    Edit: Here they are!
    IMG_0926.JPG Img_09301.jpg
  6. Nice bag! Love the leather...
  7. congrats! :biggrin:
  8. congrats! i love the shape of the bag!!!!
  9. Yummo
  10. Glad it arrived safe, congrats echo ;)
  11. Wow!! I want one too!!! That bag is classy and funky all in one
  12. Congrats! Nice bag.