Is this ugly, be honest...

  1. I kinda like this dress and was thinking of getting it for a graduation or cocktail party.. please be honest as to whether or not you like it... there are other colors also, like purple, gold, silver etc. Thanks:heart:
  2. it's not ugly, but it's SO not me. I was scared to open the link! LOL!
  3. Kinda cute, maybe not in that color. For me, I'd wear it if it were black or red, maybe.
  4. I don't think it's ugly either but it's not something I personally would wear.
  5. Yeah, I agree, I was partial with it.. especially the color. Thanks for the input
  6. I personally do not like it. It reminds me of something my mother would have worn back in the 70's. I also think it would make a size 2 look fat. It also seems to be a style of dress that if you wear it a few times people will think "oh you are wearing that dress again". Just my opinion.
  7. I think it would look awesome in dark purple, but the pleating can be hard to carry depending on your body shape.
  8. The silver colour could be much more appealing in a dress with this style. One has to becareful with clothes with lots of pleats, it tends to make even the smallest of people look quite heavy. imp.
  9. I totally agree. Anything with all-over pleats is very difficult to wear. They look great on the runway, but in real life? Could be tough.

    I think there's just a lot going on with the dress -- at the neckline, the waist tie, and well, the pleats all over.
  10. Have you tried it on? It really depends on you.
  11. Sorry.. I don't like it.:sad:
  12. i agree with 'trying it on'

    i loveeeeee yellow but that pleated part makes me want to cringe *sorry* maybe in a more classic color like black or red or even white it'll be okay, but with yellow..i don't think it works
  13. Not my style at all. Don't really like it :/
  14. Sorry, don't like it at all.
  15. it might look more sleek in black..