Is this Twilly style still available, or is it past season?

  1. I'd really like to get this bolduc twilly, but not sure if it's available because on the website, I didn't see it. I only saw 3 styles. =(

    I want the orange bolduc though!!
    If it's not sold any longer, would anyone like to sell theirs? =D
  2. well, I can't get one here - I've had my store looking for another tPF member for a while and no luck! I think eBay id the best option for this twilly.
  3. ok, now i'm down. oh, another question. do all twillys cost the same? (ebay doesn't apply)

    i did see the orange or pink bolduc on ebay, but was selling for $200+. is it because it's "discontinued" and the seller will benefit from it?
  4. yeah they all cost the same at the store, but now that that print is discontinued, demand for some may be higher, and sellers want to profit from it, so...
  5. Orange twilly? Call the NYC store. I believe I saw some Friday. They are $115, I memory serves.
  6. Hermesgroupie, I was there on Friday too... I saw several Bolduc twillys in many colors, but don't remember if I saw any orange.
  7. Hmmmm, I wonder if I saw you? I'm pretty certain I saw some in the drawer. I'm on the hunt for a few twillys myself and I've been hounding my poor SA twice a week for them and we just about turned the drawer inside out looking for them.