Is this true ?

  1. I know wikipedia can be wrong but is this line true about LV

    "2006 - The Monogram Mini line is discontinued throughout the world, except for the United States that still sell the collection. The Monogram Mini Lin will assume its position."

    I thought the Monogram mini had been discontinued everywhere ? :confused1:

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. um. wikipedia is not a good resource. my teachers tell me that anybody can go in and edit information. its not reliable.
    i think it would be discontinued everywhere, or else there wouldnt be such a fuss...
  3. thanks, I thought so too. Most things LV on wikipedia are correct except for this LOL :flowers:
  4. My SA said it was discontinued worldwide except for the USA will continue to sell until the supply is depleted.
  5. I called 866 and they told me, that they are still producing the most popular mini mono styles and she also told me, this is the first time a line has been resurected.

  6. im still waiting for the day they resurrect Monogram Glacé in black and navy blue.... yes i know, wishful thinking :sad:
  7. bad wrong information
  8. I believe it's true that anyone add info or edit wilkopedia, some one also mentioned on here (sorry I can't remember who or where) but that the mini mono is making a comeback
  9. You can go in there and add info, but if it is wrong it is promptly removed. :yes:
  10. I want them to resurrec the Damier Glacé:graucho:
  11. yea. any mod can go in and change things. they have auto bots to keep out the ridiculous changes though.

    anyone see Steven of the Colbert Report ask tell viewers to change the definition of reality? that was interesting......
  12. I agree! Glacé is pretty cool (no pun intended lol....)...;)
  13. Hmmm interesting, I still haven't checked out the mini lin at all properly!!