Is this true ?

  1. Hi everyone, someone I know said that there is a rumour that LV is going to make all cles's made next year square instead of the rounded endges on mono and damier ones. Is this true ?.
  2. like MC & CB cles??
  3. OOOOOOH CRAP! I think those ones are TOOO small! I wouldnt put it past them, it is probably less expensive as they are smaller! :Push:
  4. I haven't heard this, but seems unlikely...seems hard to do on some materials without borders like mc.
  5. I hope it's only a rumour..round edges give more room that's why we can fit more cards and $ into mono and damier cles compare to epi, vernis,MC, CB, suhali.
  6. i saw an authentic squared damier cles with a leather backing from the 90's on ebay a few weeks ago. i like the rounded edges better!
  7. Haven´t heard of it.
  8. ^ Me neither, I like the rounded cles much better.
  9. I wouldn't mind a square damier cles with the dark espresso leather around it.. :smile: :smile:
  10. I am having lunch with my SA on Friday and I will be sure to ask this question.
    Does anyone have any other inquiries? I don't mind at all asking and he does not mind telling:graucho:
  11. They'd better not!:wtf:
  12. Cool..have fun....

    I found it at Ebay.
  13. Oh, I don't like that, especially how the key chain is attached...yuck
  14. Ewww ^^. I was thinking more of like Multicolor cles just normal with like vachetta or the dark brown leather..
  15. yes that one is fugly