Is this true

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  1. I have purchased from ebay seller *styleworld* on ebay before, and just noticed that she has been selling off some of what she claims ' are Paris Hiltons bags' because she is her stylist -- do you think this is true and they are really her bags ???
  2. Huh.. I'd be worried then, cause doesn't Ms. Hilton carry fakes ?
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: @ ayla!:lol:
  4. lol --- they are not LVs they are other brands... does anyone know ??
  5. Is that the right ID? When I entered it there were no items for sale...
  6. Oh, the * were actually part of it ---DUH.
  7. I wouldn't think that a celeb's REAL stylist would be permitted by them to use their name on eBay. I wouldn't buy frmo her - including ayla's reason! LOL!
  8. I have purchased from her - LV's and they are authetic .... so have many other people on the other LV sites ..
  9. Hi! *styleworld* isn't Paris's stylist but instead, she's her closet organizer. *styleworld* sells many items owned and worn by celebs such as Brandy and Ray J. I purchased a Vuitton Croissant GM from her a while back. It was 100% authentic and just as fab!
  10. sorry yes organiser ... and yes I too have purchased authentic LV from her -- just wondered if these were actually paris hiltons items ...
  11. I wouldn't doubt it for one second that the items are Paris Hilton's (and Tinkerbell's):biggrin: . *styleworld* is an outstanding seller and I'm pretty certain she wouldn't make any false claims and risk her rep just to make a sale on ebay.
  12. Wow print*model, you must be a good friend of *styleworld's*!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.