Is this true?

  1. I think thats true because someone brought that up in another thread seeing as they no longer include the registration card in the item when you buy at the boutique. However, the part about them registering them at the factory, I dont understand what they mean.
  2. I've registered bags online at before. Maybe that's what she meant?
  3. how do you do that?
  4. I never receive registration cards with my bags. I think that's why they ask for your name and address when you buy a bag now. To register your purchase in the system.
  5. Yeah, I haven't got a registration card in FOREVER!
  6. Registering at the factory I think means before they are shipped to stores they are entered into the computer.

    When they ask for your name and address, I thought that was for mailing list.

    To register online go to Coach - Product Registration It says the registration number is branded inside the handbags, briefcases, and luggage.

    As I said in another thread, I've been out of the Coach loop for a couple of years, which I could kick myself for. So, I'm trying hard to catch up.
  7. Well I don't go anywhere to register my bags. If something is wrong with it, I take it in to them. I'm pretty sure they are cataloging our purchases through their system. That's how they can decide who gets VIP coupons and what not.

  8. Hi, aarti! :idea:

    Go to, click on customer service at the bottom of home page, then under online services, it says product registration. HTH

  9. I register online.
  10. Yes, it is true. Now, you just go and register the bag online, rather than mailing in the card that they used to put in the bags.
  11. I stopped registering my bags. I never get anything in the mail or anything like that. LOL.