Is this true?

  1. I don't even know what to say. A reseller sent me an email in which she states that Hermes will have a 25% price increase. Does anyone know if this is true?
  2. I find that hard to believe in the current climate.x
  3. Pfft. Let me guess, she has asterisks in her name? :lol: Or is she a fashion expert? :lol:

    As far as anyone here has heard--and I should think that among all of us we would know!!--the price increase is set to be 10%. Which still sucks, but it's not nearly as offensive as 25%.

    What in the world are these people thinking, that they can make up stuff and no one will be the wiser? Seriously.
  4. I have found alot of sellers lately are using price increases to justify their prices
  5. are right on. I thought the same thing...10%...ok, ugly but not unthinkable...but 25%?!?!? That is just too crazy.
  6. Well, yeah, GucciGal--and that's fine to me, because their costs may legitimately be rising. But making up a number out of thin air will just backfire. Lord knows, I got yelled at this week for making a $600 mistake on the retail price of a bag! LOL!
  7. I dont' know how anyone could make up such an astronomical percentage and think that you weren't going to check.
  8. 10% even sounds steep across the board.
  9. You know what, given the exchange rate USD vs Euro - which makes buying in the US currently CHEAPER for us Europeans - this might actually be true for the US market.
  10. My SA told me the increase should be "around" 10%.
  11. I was thinking this too. Happened with Chanel - their classic flap increased twice this year... almost 500 bucks each time to nearly double the price of a lot of their classic bags, or nearly. The dollar is just so weak right now it's unreal.

    In one year. I have been keeping my fingers crossed Hermes didn't take a cue from them or I'm out of the game for a while, I think. :push:
  12. 1 scarf is EUR 255, which equals USD 372.
    The price of a scarf in the US is currently USD 325 pus local taxes, so roughly 50 USD LESS than in Europe.
    You do the math and figure out the US price increase for 2008. It will be quite steep, I could imaagine.
  13. So Hermes is having a price increase on Jan 01, 08?
  14. I can see your point, but American SAs are the ones telling me, anyway, that the price increase should be around 10%. I hope they're not off by any 15% or I will be on a serious ban!
  15. It usually happens sometime in January or as late as February; they're vague. As always, LOL.