Is this true???

  1. I called the LV store and ask if they had the monogrammed Mizi instock...the lady told me that style has been discontinued. Is this so? Oh tell me she has made a mistake. Where can one get her hands on the mizi monogrammed?
  2. Wasn't the Mizi just a seasonal bag to begin with? I may be wrong.
  3. The one I got was the last one in Toronto. If you are in Canada I know for a fact that Montreal store has one.
  4. I don't think any of that seller's bags are auth.:mad: I have yet to see an authentic mono Mizi on eBay.
  5. Lv-Addict can u call the Montreal store and put it on hold for me?? Hold it under the name Anna and I'm going ot get my cousin to try and get it for me...she lives somewhere in Canada. Please, please help!!!
  6. I just called them and they put one on hold under "Anna" and/or "Irene". She said they can hold for 48 hours max. and if you can't make it in, call them (514) 849 - 6520.
  7. OMG!!!! I love you!!! I owe you one!! I'm from Cali...can I just call them directly and have them ship it to me???
  8. They said they can't ship internationally.:sad:
  9. I'm going to have to contact my cousin...I hope I can get a hold of her!!
  10. Well, from what I was told by my SA and 866-VUITTON Rep, it'll be in production until June only. HTH.
  11. where is the store in Montreal... and has anyone ever shopped there ??
    any experiences to share ??
  12. You can call 888-LV and have them put you on the waiting list. They will be roducing mono mizis until june/jul but in small numbers then they will be d/c.
  13. UP DATE US LiEu...DId you GET IT!!! ahhhh cliff hangers!!!