Is this true?

  1. Sorry for bombarding the board, but..I was wondering if we have a thread of pictures of the new fall '07 collection, in particular one containing the venetia. I wasn't able to find one. I was told the new Fall '07 venetia has zippered pockets now, is this true?
  2. There's a thread in the reference forum for fall 07 bags. The patchwork quilted Venetia has zippered pockets, whereas the classic calf leather Venetia will still have pushlocks I believe.
  3. Oh! that is the venetia isn't it. The larger quilted zippered one. Sorry, slip up on my part. I knew that one had zippers, although the name slipped my mind. That's what the person may have been speaking about. But I guess i was thinking that the classic venetia was going to have zippers now too, which is why I was confused. Thanks