is this true?

  1. someone is selling the les triples pochette on eBay. i ask for a bin and she puts one at 119. i ask her the retail and she says 110 euros. i say really because they're 110 american dollars according to the website. i also ask if she has the box. this was her response:

    Hello there--

    The new pochettes available in this country are indeed $110.00 retail, but ss this was a special edition from 2004 it is now considered a collector's item.

    Sadly, I do not have the box: it came in a special box to support the charity it was created for, and that box is in Europe.

    Again, thanks much for your interest!

    is this total bs?
  2. Pass! Others will show up!
  3. thought so. thank you!
  4. Fyi, there was a special issue of Les Triples for a children's charity. I have the 35" version. It is in a special blue/white colorway and has a special tag care that says Smiles. See the attached photo. I was not aware that it was issued in the pochette size. What was the auction number ?
    Image009 (2).jpg
  5. and i should say i think the seller is genuinely a nice person...
  6. so then are we assuming its NOT the special edition one and just the regular les triples pocket square? I was watching this auction also...
  7. i don't think it is. good luck if you decide to get it. i'm probably going to try and find it in the store since her bin is more than retail...

  8. I got the exact same one at H last week. Unless she forgot to post a pic of the special edition tag. It's exactly the same as mine.

    Note- her auction said " It was originally issued in 2004 for ....."

    It didn't not say " It's from the 2004 special collection"

    Sorry if I am splitting hair. just trying to help

    There are a few more pink ones at my store. pm me if you want the location

    115.00 usd
  9. holy moly. it's over retail now!
  10. hlfinn, this is just my opinion, but I have a problem paying over retail for a scarf unless it is extremely rare, and even then I had better really like it.
  11. oh i agree. that's why i'm shocked! that's still available!

    you can call me love monkey ;)
  12. HLFINN, I own 3 of these in pochette, and 1 in Carre, unless it says "SMILES" like hermeslady had posted...they were issued for children's charity..that's indeed rare, but I think only comes in Carre, not pochette. The Carre I purchased in Paris was the last one they if you want of can call and locate one...they won't last too long (unless they issue)!

  13. man I should post mine and make some money....mine still have the tags on it too...ahhahah jk:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Next time you and I go to Hermes, I'm going to point at you and scream "RESELLER"!!!