Is THIS TRUE? Re: Datecodes in LV pieces

  1. I am watching an eBay auction which is selling a Silver Spring Street Purse and it looks pretty authenticate to me but I asked the seller a question regarding the date code on the handbag and she replied with:

    There is no sequence of letters/numbers. I have spoken with various LV stores and they told me that not every style had them. My items are 100% authentic. Thank you for your interest.

    Is this TRUE? I am pretty sure the last auction I was watching had a DATE CODE on the purse! But now I'm questioning myself...... anyone?

    Thank you all in advance for your help!!:flowers:
  2. It's true that not LV pieces have a date code...but I'm pretty sure the Spring Street does. The seller probably isn't very knowledgeable about Louis Vuitton and can't find the date code, so she/he just said that there is no date code on the piece.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, Karman!!
  4. ^^ hope this helps

  5. Every standard handbag I've run across has a datecode. Limited edition pieces will have a different set of numbers. Possibly an SO won't, and maybe special production and prototype pieces won't. A Spring Street definitely would.

    However, as most fakes insist on having a datecode prominently displayed, and some datecodes are hard to find, or read, I always take it as a good sign if someone can't find one! :lol:
  6. I think the vintage pieces ie from the 80s wouldn't have date codes?
    Even my porte monnaie plat has date code, so I think every piece after the 90s should have date codes...I just can't find the date code on my PMP.
  7. Some of them are very hard to see & if the bag was used a lot it may have worn down the code a little, making it even harder to see. When you call LV & ask aboout date codes they always seem to say that not all bags have a date code, I think that is their way of trying to keep info away from the fakers. I would send her a request pointing out to her where she can find the code & asking her to look again.
  8. Thank you everyone for all the help!
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