Is this true? Paypal charges you $25 if you do a chargeback?

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  1. Well just so you know, another little twist to the paypal thing is now that they have gotten wise to people using their credit cards for transactions, there's a fee that paypal charges when you do that, I think its 25$ if you do a chargeback through your credit card company.

    This is good information though. Yet another reason for me to continue to despise paypal :smile:

    ^ Saw the post above on an eBay blog. I've been paying with a CC for almost all of my eBay puchases recently. If it's true I'll just use it for the big stuff.
  2. I have no idea if that is true or not but I have unfortunately had to do chargebacks occasionally and have never seen or heard of that "fee". WHY would PayPal charge a fee to a buyer for a chargeback dealing with their credit card company?
  3. I have done at least 5 chargebacks on fake bags over the years and I have NEVER been charged a fee.

    Please don't stop using your CC on eBay -- it's the only way you can be completely covered for all your transactions if something goes wrong.
  4. Hmm, so the way around it is that if you need to do a CC chargeback, close your paypal account? You really don't need to do one anyway if Paypal has gone to bat like they are supposed to.

    (*Supposed to* being the key phrase here. I dont have a lot of faith in PP either.)
  5. In the past, everytime I did a chargeback through my CC company, Paypal was not very happy. The only reason I go through my CC company is because Paypal is incompetant and my CC company can get the matter resolve quicker. Now if Paypal did their job then we wouldn't have to use the chargeback option. You're right OP....more reasons to despise Paypal.
  6. I was charged a $25 fee by eBay/PP when I won an auction for crib bedding and the seller disappeared. It was my first and only chargeback experience I've had and it was awful! The seller's feedback when I won was 100%, then in the following weeks she kept getting neg after neg after neg. I sent the seller a ton of emails and kept on getting strung along until I finally had enough--I was 7 months preggo with DC #1--and opened a dispute. From what I remember, it said upfront that eBay would charge a fee just to look into the matter, but really what choice did I have? Makes my blood boil when I think about it still :mad:. I guess they must have changed their policies since then (the baby is now 2.5!)
  7. Hi sirene so sorry to hear about that experience that is just plain awful!!!

    I believe that the $25 you refer to however is not directly related to a chargeback. That used to be the eBay deduction was applied when seller had $200 protection and when the buyer did not use a credit card to pay. That program is no longer active as of Jan-17-07. Most of the time it was applicable to sellers who had less than 50 feedback and 98% rating and usually sellers who weren't regulars and had zero balance in their Paypal account.

    eBay had what they call their Standard Purchase Protection, which was described as:

    Most items are covered up to $200 (minus a $25 processing fee) under eBay's standard purchase protection program.
    Before you file a claim through this program, eBay encourages you to contact the seller (most issues can be resolved with a single phone call), or use a free online dispute resolution service like SquareTrade.
    If you paid for your item with your credit card using PayPal, contact PayPal directly.
    If you purchased the item outside of PayPal with a credit card, contact your credit card company. Most companies provide 100% online protection.
  8. Maybe something bad happened to the seller? Sorry to hear of your loss but I once had a similar incident, seller met with a serious car accident and was hospitalized for months while her ebay and PP accounts got suspended, and had no help in taking over her ebay sales.
  9. I think you're right, that must have been what it was. A ridiculous fee nonetheless--I'm glad they finally discountinued it.

    chipmunk: I don't know if anything happened to the seller or not. After promising that the bedding was on its way, she finally stopped replying to emails. Perhaps she was in an accident, but my hunch is no.

    In the end it all worked out--except that neither my DD or her little brother slept in the darn crib :lol:
  10. I think the fee is related to chargebacks in the case of unauthorized purchases. For instance, if someone buys my bag, but then comes back and renigs, saying they didn't authorize the purchase - so they charge it back to me. (Unfortunately I've had this happen and it's sooo awful!) So they charge me an additional fee on top of what I've lost.

    Lemme tell ya, I have a love/hate relationship with paypal. UGH! :cursing:
  11. Wow - paypal hits you in the front and the rear..:bagslap:
    ebay gets there money for all sides