Is this true about Key Holders?

  1. (not so) Funny thing. I was SO excited (after my nice chat with Charlestonmom) and went to get the 4 key holder in pomme. When I asked to see it, the SA (2 of them in fact) told me not to get it 'cause they haven't changed the style in the last 30-40 years. They said that the style is only meant to hold the skinnier keys of yesteryear and it's not made for the big chunky car keys of today! She said that she gets them in all the time (after people have had them for 6 months or so) to get fixed! Told me that people put the car keys and clickers in the holder and it hangs in the ignition and the weight makes the clips pop off. Says she tries to discourage people from buying them?

    So, how many people have those big chunky car keys (Toyota, Nissan, etc. etc.) and have them on the key rings?? I understand about the clicker, that it has to be on a separate ring and hang out, but do the clips from use of the car keys really pop off and break?
  2. I have had a burberry one and a gucci one my keys aren't very big but both have lost "loops" I asked on here if anyone had had problems with the LV one's because I was going to change (couldn't get a refund in the end) and I think everyone said they had not had any problems.
  3. i kind of want one but i don't think it's functional for me. lol the only thing i would ever have on there is my car keys, and my key is a chunky BMW key. i'd pretty much just always want it hanging off of my key to make it look pretty, not for the actually purpose. lol. might as well find something else to use for a key "charm" instead. rather than just the keychains, anyone have any ideas? i guess a cles? yeah. i'll get a cles at some point. jeeze, i just keep adding to my
  4. It's true, they don't make them for newer types of car keys, I have the same bmw key and it doesn't work. The point of the case is to be able to fit your keys inside it so they can stay in your bag and not scratch anything......doesn't work with big keys.
  5. Both of my key holders have been fine. 6 key in Damier and 4 key in the framboise vernis. I hardly tuck my bulky car keys in them though, just leave the thick car key hanging.
  6. I have the LV Valet keyring in Framboise and I love it. I use my wapity strap on it as well so I can keep it on my wrist.
  7. exactly. and i don't have or use house keys or anything like that. may have wanted it when i was living in my apartment at school but now i'm back home and everything is all electronic push-button :biggrin:
  8. When I looked for a LV keychain - the same thing came to mind, which is why I didn't buy one.

    Just by looking at it, there is no way a big key fob is going to work, thye are too big and bulky - and if they did fit, barely they are going to end of breaking off the little clasp and like the SA's said - you would need to get it fixed.

    Then I guess it all depends on how rough you are with your keys.

    Which is why I decided to go with the key extender - which is able to handle mutl. key fobs.
  9. I have the LV 4 key holder, but only keep my house keys on it. I have always kept my car keys separate-but, that's me.
  10. What your SA says makes sense...I can imagine the problem with the car keys happening....I don't have a key holder but I can imagine the problems your SA has brought up.
  11. I agree, these are one of my least favorite items...sorry....but true.

    For the money get a cles, much more useful.
  12. didn't we just have this conversations? replete with pix and all?

    i have giant keys AND a fob, on the 4 key holder, adn it fits well.

    you will love it.

    since wheen do sa's talk you OUT of purchases? so in to the store, and stick all your keys onteh damn things before you buy it.

    done and done!
  13. I purchased the Damier 6-key holder three weeks ago. I had posted something regarding trying to fit my fat car key in it. I even broke one of the loops trying to make it fit. I had to put a small ring on the key and then pull that into the loop; however, the key hangs out about over an inch out of the case :cursing: . As someone else said, the point of the case is so that it would keep the keys INSIDE???, RIGHT? I would not want to scratch anything, especially my vernis pieces!!!
  14. Yes I have the clunky large BMW key too, but as long as you don't try to shove that into the keyholder and close it (i doubt it would close anyway) there shouldn't be any problems at all. BMW key doesn't actually have any metal sticking out like regular keys so you shouldn't really worry about scratching the inside of your purse anyway.

  15. very good thinking :yes: