Is this true about heels?

  1. I read a very entertaining article over the weekend about heels. The article said that men actually like to see women wearing heels, whereas a lot of women tend to feel sexier or more attractive when they have a nice pair of shoes/heels on. Article further said that shoes/heels seem to have this type of effect on people more than clothes, perfume, or make-up.

    Do you ladies agree?
  2. Btw, just want to add that I will not wear heels just because guys like them. I'll only wear them because I want to.

    Oh, and I think I DO need a new pair of shoes. The only two pairs that I have for normal everyday wear has fallen part.:crybaby:
  3. I do love high heels on girls lol (i'm a guy) as a prospering designer im allways doign sketches and more often than not i put the models in the highest stilettos i can lol, i find nice heel sexier than lingere at times but then again i might just have a shoe fetish
  4. Absolutely men love high heels! And by wearing them you actually change your posture.
  5. I think heels make many womens legs look sexier... thereby making women feel sexier in them. Unfortunately for me, wearing high heels makes me feel a bit uncomfortable because I become really tall
  6. i feel it makes my legs appear longer like megs said and because im short i tend to wear 4" everyday to school etc... however my feet are really bad now and in awful condition they need chopping off and i need to buy some new ones... :sad: but i cant doo that
  7. I never wore heels when I was younger. I was in retail & on my feet all day, then I was a personal shopper & ran around shops all day. I never experienced any foot problem or had any bunions & now I can wear my heels all day. I love heels & agree that they touch some sort of happy nerve!
  8. I love wearing heels becomes I'm a shorty lol! Heels makes my legs look longer and also has a positive effect on my posture as it makes me stand up straight.

    I don't really care what men think, I just love my shoes muaaaaahahahaha!
  9. I love my heels, but my boyfriend's response to any question about shoes is:

    "Oh, girls wear shoes? I never noticed"

    He swears that none of his friends have ever paid any attention to a girl's shoes, either.

    I suspect that he is LYING to try and get me to stop buying shoes:lol:
  10. I suspect that he is LYING to try and get me to stop buying shoes:lol:

    lol!!! oh SO true robyn!!
  11. Yes, I think it's a primal thing. When we wear heels it changes our posture and walk, and we walk at a slower pace too.

    I do feel sexier in heels, much more so than flats or sneakers. And I do love heels, because I'm only 5'4" with short legs, so I feel like I 'finally' have the longer legs I should've been born with! :wlae:
  12. I believe men like heels, not necessarily stilettos or anything specific, but heels in general.
    My DH is relatively oblivious to accessories but made a couple of comments this summer about wanting to see me in some strappy heels/sandals. So I bought some. . . gotta keep my man happy! Especially if it's something easy like that!
    I have skinny ankles and he likes my legs best, so I think that may be why as well.
  13. I agree with what other ladies are saying that it’s related to posture. So you look better in the eyes of the men and you yourself feel more confident which also makes you look better.

    I can think of 3 effects (probably there is more if other ladies would elaborate):
    - Heels make your legs slimmer and more defined (easy to see the effect on your calves and less so your thighs, just like when you straighten your leg even when you lie on your bed)
    - You stand/walk with your back straighter to keep balance so you are forced to ‘stick out’ LOL your chest more and you involuntarily draw your tummy in!
    - You walk differently, your steps are slower and when you place your feet on the floor, you have to put it down flat rather than put your heels down first. Men probably find this way of walking with knees more bent sexier compared to straighter legs or even worse dragging your feet along the ground, LOL.

    I also thing part of the reason why men find heels sexier is the design: the height, the ankle strap (fetish), the peep-toe (flirty). Whereas for flats, except the really unique ones like Marc Jacobs Mouse, most of the design are plain and you don’t get too many variations in the design and rather than sexy, they make you look cute.

    BTW, I think you should dish out for a Blahnik they are great for everyday walking or if you want fuchsia, go Louboutin since Louboutin does the colours slightly better!
  14. my bf LOVES my Louboutins. he says they're sexy..

    he loves it when i wear heels (which i'd do even if he didn't) but is fine when i wear sneakers too. i love wearing heels because they make me taller and look terrific.

    keep in mind he's 6'0" and i'm only 5'3.5" so there's quite a big difference between us!
  15. When I wear heels I'm taller than my DH. So he hates it when I wear them, but I'm sure he finds them sexy besides that. I definately feel hotter when i wear heels.