Is this true about Graffiti Reservations ?

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  1. Hi, Last night when I called LV helpline UK (French call centre) they said that just because people have reserved Graffiti it does not mean they will get it. She said that there should have been no reservations and that its first come first serve, meaning that if I happen to go into LV and graffiti is there then I can buy. Is this true ??
  2. There are supposed to be no reservations taken but I was in the LV where I shop last night and as I am a "regular customer" they took my name and number and offered to reserve one for me. Not sure if they can really do this so I plan to be there 1st thing in the morning when they open on the 2nd.
  3. ya my SA said they don't want reservations, they want people go to the store
  4. when i went for the roses there were no reservations before or the day before. one SA joked that if a famous japanese singer were to show up, she'd have to wait in line like the rest of us.

    not sure how this is going to play out. if the entire store cooperates then no one locally has an advantage. however, if one SA does and another doesn't, that can cause some problems.
  5. I actually think this time they don't make reservations. Because even though a lot of people called the (only) store here in Denmark, in Cph, to make a reservation on the pochette roses, it was all about makeing a call or walk in the store and ask for one - even though they told you they would put your name on the waitinglist.
    My friend was told she was getting on the list, the 14th. But to make sure, she called the 15th to ask for it again. And she got it! Not because they called her back as promised if they had any left but because she called them on release date few minutes after opening.

    I guess this will be the same for the graffiti. Though I've put my name down for both zippy coin purse and keepall I'm def. going to call them when they open 2 feb.
  6. I called LV here in Oslo, Norway on the 13th and asked if they got the Roses Speedy. The SA told me they only had one available for sale and offered to make a reservation if I could pick it up as early as possible on the 15th. She also promised to give me a call about the Graffiti Neverfull.

    From all the different experiences people are having it seems like it differs from store to store and it might be easier if you "know" an SA?
  7. It's not what ya know it's who ya know, LOL!
  8. Ain't that the truth!
  9. Yup , this is absolutely sofaking true !

    In NL here , you can wait listed any bags ONLY if the SA know you(you dont have to be a VIC !)
  10. yeah, i think being waitlisted is at the SA's discretion. my bag is being held in reserve for me
  11. my sa said yesterday that they are now allowed to reservations for the sprouse items. As usual you are guarenteed a bag if you prepay for it...