Is this true about authentications? and other info

  1. On a fact finding mision, I pulled out my vintage kelly this morning and went into Hermes.

    While browsing and chatting with a SA I casual asked about authentications and resellers and exotic skins.

    While the SA was very nice and seemed very knowledgable, I got the feeling I was getting, the company line, rather than the full scoop.

    She told me that in the US, no store other than NY is allowed to do them, and you must have an appointment. Is that true?

    She also told me that exotics are the hardest to do, just based on the fact that the are just that, exotics and each piece is different, based obviously on the natural skin and craftsperson. She said there are no hard and fast rules. While there are certain things to look for, it is still very difficult to do. She said she personally had seen fakes, she would have thought were real and visa-a versa. The only way to be sure is to buy from Hermes.

    She said, that is why Hermes strongly discourages anyone from purchasing on the secondary market. She also told me croc was in very short supply this year, they are not allowed to take any orders for it, and no orders were allowed at the February podium either. Bags still pop up once in awhile, but mainly in Europe.

    Has anyone else heard any of this?

    She also was very frank on her opinion of resellers, and online authentifications but won't post, as it would be quite inflamatory.

    I am glad I went, I really learned a lot.
  2. thanks so much for reporting back!
  3. That is true about croc. It's extremely hard to get right now.
  4. yes it is rare as they had problems with the dyes (the reds in particular) and also mother nature and the catastrophys.
  5. lemme tell ya - croc wasn't looking hard to get at my store recently...........

    speaking of the 'reaction' to fakes, I asked about this once, and was told they would NEVER confiscate or even comment if someone came into the store with a fake, they just treat them the same as any other customer, and don't make a comment.....the SA told me it's not their job or place to be commenting on bags other then Hermes own bags........

    so basically they take the high road, and all these stories about bags being confiscated, destroyed, or staff declaring the bag is a fake are untrue......
  6. of course they are not donfiscated whether a fake or not it is still your property! the only thing that COULD happen is you can get post from hermès lawyers (but unlikely as you are an individual)
  7. Yes, I can't imagine they'd create a big stink in their own store if at least for fear of creating a scene or drama. However, I hope I'm right in assuming they'd never treat a fake- ie embossing, cleaning, etc. just to be nice or polite, right???@@@!! :confused1:
  8. They will NOT take in a fake bag for re-conditioning, monograming, repair or anything. They will simply hand the bag back to you and tell you nicely that they are unable to assist. This is the only way you will ever get close to "authentication" within the Hermes stores.
  9. i was in nyc when claude the resident craftsman was informing a woman that her bag was a fake birkin. boy i'll tell you, if such a thing can be done with tact and discretion, that is exactly how he did it. he did not look down his nose or intentionally make her feel at all bad about it. she acted surprised, but i have to say, not nearly as disappointed as i would think someone would be, so she must have had a hint of a suspicion herself.
  10. Hmmm . . .tact and discretion. Two things that we would all do well to think of from time to time. There is a gracious spirit that is evident in the company of Hermes, that sets it apart from other retail companies. How refreshing. May we all remember how attractive this is!
  11. ^^^^^Thank you, Temo. I have to admit, that's the reason I'm feeling down.
  12. HG, you better than anyone understand the history and the spirit of Hermes, from what I have read.
    I remember reading somewhere recently that "Hermes isn't all about surface flash and dazzle - the bottom has to be as good as the top and the inside as good as the outside". What a great analogy for us to think of, eh? (Oops my Canadian is showing) "eh"?
    Anyway keep your chin up! This forum is full of generous, warm, funny individuals. Concentrate on them!
  13. HG - :flowers: :flowers:
  14. Amen.
  15. In that case, would it be advisable to take a croc bag if offered, even if it's not the type of croc one wants? Reasons I asked is my SA asked if I want to get a nilo croc that's coming late next year, and I told her no since i like porosus.