is this true? 50% off LV for some businesses....


Aug 11, 2008
I have this friend who loves to rub it in my face that she knows where to get designers for a good deal.

she says she knows this guy whos works for a company that gets LV products, Sak's fifth avenue, and juicy couture for 50% off (online only) because of the guy's company apparently offers these family & friends discounts..

Could this be possible??? 50%?! I think its a load of crap...
and if its true.. damn, i feel kinda pist i just spent so much on my bag!
what do you ppl think?


Nov 1, 2006
I would imagine the only circumstance in which LV would do something like this is IF a large h/e dept store sold LV but didn't have an LV store within the dept store, say, Neiman Marcus or something like that, but not for a small independent storefront. Now, you mentioned Juicy Couture, that is a likelihood...other independent designers like Juicy or Rebekka Minkoff and the likes could very well offer wholesale to stores or others who hold a valid resale certificate. I'd imagine that's how this guy gets other brands at 50% off, which is a fairly common wholesale price but LV doesn't sell to independent sellers and independent store fronts.