Is this too similar to have both black classic flap and black reissue?


Sep 5, 2006
I didn't like the reissue at first, so I bought the caviar classic flap in black. But now I think I LOVE reissue more and more! I really like the black reissue with gold chain and I am very attemping to get it from ebay since they are not available anymore. But my concern is I already have a black classic flap, is it too similar to have both bags in black?

I am also waitlisted for dark silver reissue. But I am still want to "collect" the black reissue... is it too crazy?
Apr 20, 2006
I recently purchased a black reissue from a fellow PF memeber and its just amazing :nuts: I also wanted to get a classic flap with silver hardware but was worried the colours are too similar, so i got a dark brown classic flap instead of the black cavier. However, those two bags are very different in texture, so they don't have similar looks at all :graucho: