Is this too rude???

  1. I have worked for a Husband and Wife for the last 3 years. I have given them gifts every year for Christmas. They are the type of people that will say thanks and then it will sit on their desk forever unused. They are major wine drinkers so, 2 years ago I bought them a $75 bottle of wine. I think they re-gifted it.

    So here is my question.... I have a very good friend that works for Bacardi and I get free Bacardi and Grey Goose. They know this. Is it rude to give them a bottle of Bacardi and Grey Goose since they will know I got it for free? I am REALLY trying not to spend this much this year.

    They do not buy me a gift but I do get a Christmas bonus, but so does the other person that works there.
  2. Its the thought that counts! Although, Im sure some will think its rude, I dont! Actually, every year we go out and buy my MIL expensive gifts...I cant remember the last time she opened/wore something we bought her! Whats worse is that she asks for most of the things we get her!! If I had it my way, I wouldnt spend another penny on her. Trust me, if I knew someone who could get me something for free so I could give it to her for Xmas(even if she knew it was free) I would wrap that sucker up in a heartbeat!
  3. How will they know it was free, they may just think it's discounted but that is not their concern. I say go for it!
  4. I'm not too sure about this one... if they know you spent $0 on their gift, they *might* think it's slightly rude... like you could give them the bottle and add another little something that you got especially for them. after all, they do give you a Christmas bonus.
  5. It's never rude to give Grey Goose as a gift! But it sounds like these people are jerks, so I would keep the GG for myself and give them Bacardi :p...
  6. I talk about my friend all the time and they know I get as much Bacardi and Grey Goose for free as I want. It is no secret.

    I think they would actually drink it that is why I am thinking of giving it them and if they don't at least I did not spend any money.
  7. Its definitely not rude if you think they will drink it!
    I stick by my original Nike..."Just Do It!" haha
  8. Open the bottle at the same time as you give it to them!!!! half hour later and they will be loving their gift, guaranteed ;)

  9. Even though you get it for free, it would still be really nice to have a big bottle of grey goose! i say give it to them but be on the safe side and throw in something a little extra- maybe some little drinking glasses from bed bath and beyond. i wouldnt give just the vodka, but thats just me

  10. Yeah, just do it.. if you thought it will be of use to them, then why not.
  11. This is what I would do too.
  12. I agree with this, too, I love the idea of also giving them little glasses like that!
  13. I think throwing in the drinking glasses is a BRILLIANT idea! You could also go to stores like Marshall's, TJMax or Home Goods if you didn't want to spend a lot of money on drinking glasses.
  14. I think it is fine. If you want to throw something in extra, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Old Time Pottery or even Ross are places for inexpensive glasses that will still look nice.
  15. :yes: yeppers! A few glasses would be perfect!