is this too old for me?

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  1. I usually hang out at the Miu Miu forum, but recently my bf and I want to buy a bag for his mom. So I've been looking for a prada bag for her. She is about 46 yrs old and I'm 25 (i think prada is little too mature for me) anyway I got these 2 bags on sale and let her pick one.. and i'm debating should i keep her left over one or just return the one she doestn' want.

    I know she LOVEs Purple (so do i) and i think the brown one is more practical for her.

    any idea?

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  2. I've been carrying Prada since I was a teen.

    Prada designs are very diverse. Definitely not too old.
    Most importantly, can you afford the bag and would you be using it?

    If not, get something else. Prada has lots of designs.

    BTW, it's very generous and sweet of you to buy your BF's mom a Prada purse. :smile:
  3. I agree with fact, I always feel Prada has some of the trendiest styles around. Definitely not too mature for a 25-year-old, and Prada does some of the most beautiful leathers. So it really depends on whether you like the style. If you do, then keep it (especially if you got it at a very good price). If you don't, it's perhaps better to return and save the $$$ for the bag that you truly adore.
  4. yes I don't think Prada is too old there are a wide variety of styles for young and not so young. I think Prada does a pretty good job mixing up the styles.
  5. well.. is not about the price, and I do have way too many designer bags. and the bag is on sale for 718 + tax.. so is less than 800 for a prada leather bag very good deal. and his mom doesn't own any designer bag so we thought prada is good choice.

    as for me.. i think is too plain for my taste. so probably return it.
  6. Pink!!! I love the brown one!!!!!!
  7. I am sure she would love either one of them! They are both classic looking bags. And if I were you I'd have a hard time returning whichever one is leftover!
  8. I love the purple one!

    Seeing your siggy, I'd say return the other one she doesn't want.
  9. I love the brown one for the fact that you have 2 options to carry the bag...

    Prada is never too old for anybody... i'm 24, and have been carrying their stuff for years (thanks to my mom and aunts)!
  10. I think nothing's too old for anyone to carry, as long as they carry them with a well executed outfit! I'd say give her the purple one that she likes, and keep the brown one.
  11. I like both of them =)
  12. I think it depends on your personal style. I find Miu Miu so cute but way too feminine for maybe I can never wear it? I DO have a Prada and I adore it.

    I think the styles you have chosen are a bit mature and formal, but if you have the outfits and confidence to pull it off, why not?
  13. I love the brown one too ....I understand how you feel about Prada but I agree with others that say prada has a lot of styles and before liking MM I liked Prada first..I agree with everything linpaddy said....
  14. i think the brown would be better for her.
  15. I would consider the purple if she has other Pradas or similar bags. If this is her first or she doesn't have many designers, I would choose one of the others. My fave is the first, though, not the brown.