Is this too much???

  1. If that baby is in mint condition, I would say that is a fair price. That also includes shipping so if you knock off 25-30US, then it is pretty good IMO.
  2. That´s a beautiful backpack you really don´t see much of. I say go for it.

    I just have to say Let-Trade´s prices are amazing:nuts: Even if they went to customs (which they would in my country) the prices would still be reasonable.
  3. That backpack is very pretty i say GET IT GIRL! I think thats a great price.
  4. Thanks guys for your answers! :smile:
  5. Yup. It's amazingly gorgeous. I hope you get it!!! :nuts:
  6. Well I did it...I just ordered it. I just hope it comes without any odors that really was the one thing holding me back...yet so many have had really good experiences with them so I decided it was worth a try. Thanks again! :smile:
  7. So exciting for you! Post pics when you get it!
  8. its about the eBay price, and you don't have to worry as hard about its roots in authenticity.

  9. Just a quick update as I wanted to report back once I received my Epi Gobelins Backpack from Let-Trade. The whole transaction went so smoothly and without a glitch. The shipping is lightening fast!!! I will definately be purchasing from them again. I was worried about receiving a bag with an odor as I have experienced this before from another seller and after reading reports from others that had purchased from Let-Trade but I am happy to report there was no odor. It also came with a LV dust bag. So here she is.....well worth the obsessing for a month, lol. ;)

  10. Thanks for the update! It is always nice to hear good things about a seller. Gorgeous bag!
  11. I have the same bag! It's great!
  12. Wow... it looks great! Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats, I purchased a blue epi pochette from them and it was an easy transacton and lightening shipping, so I was very happy also..
  14. thats great!