is this too much?

  1. ok, my birthday is a week and half away...and while i was at work my hubby was searching eBay for my dream bag as a gift for me. When I got home..he was all excited and i guess could not hold back the secret because he bought me a CITTA ROSA GIOCO off eBay. He paid $229 (buy it now price). I'm so happy that he has FINALLY gotten something i really liked. PERFECT PLACEMENT (IMO) Then it set in, did he spend to he crazy for paying this much :confused1:

    I love it, cause i have every print except the CITTA ROSA and the infamous TAN PG...(he likes the pink hair girl) and it's a somewhat hard to find bag/print. This is by far the most that he or i has spent on a tokidoki bag (most was $150), but i spent over $300 on a coach so i don't know.

    what do you think...and i know y'all will be honest! :graucho:

    here is the bag:
  2. I dont think that he's crazy! If this is the perfect print placement for you and you absolutely love the bag then don't give the price a second thought. (It's not like it was double or triple the retail price!)
    Citta Rosa's with the print placement you want are hard to come by so if I saw one I really wanted I wouldn't mind spending a little over retail for it. Don't get me wrong (lol).... paying at or below retail is great too!
    Besides it's a birthday gift so it's okay to splurge a little.
  3. Nope, not at all. I think it's so sweet of your DH, and since it's your perfect placement, something you've really wanted, and bought with love, I think it's totally ok. Plus both of you are really happy about it, right? That's what counts. :smile:
  4. Wow, the placement is perfect! It's a gorgeous bag, your DH has great taste :tup:
  5. It's terribly sweet of your DH! And it has your perfect placement, and totally something you've really wanted. I think it's perfectly ok. And he was so happy to do it for you! (Extra bonus pts for your DH)

    It's only $69.00 over retail for something that's out of print and is exactly what you wanted. ENJOY!
  6. Great placement! :tup:
    and no, he's not crazy, he tried to make u happy on ur bday
  7. That was my "dream" bag from the moment it hit the website way back in 06 and it was gone in the blink of an eye!!! It was impossible to find retail. I still haven't gotten a citta rosa gioco. What a sweetie to give you something so lovely!!!
  8. Now we're Twinz!! :yahoo: I have the same exact bag w/the same exact placement!! ;) I :heart: that bag and you will :heart: it too so the price really doesn't matter. With tax at Nordies I think mine was around $175 so he didn't pay too much. Plus it's your birthday and birthday presents are priceless!! Enjoy it!! :graucho:
  9. What a beautiful bag! Don't worry about it, just enjoy it... Especially since they are so hard to come by. I paid like $200 for a blue citta gioco off eBay with similar placement so that's probably an average price right now.
  10. I think we're all nutbags, but if you love the bag & it doesn't put any financial strain on you for paying a lot for one, I see no problem.
  11. Thanks everyone for the advice and comments. Yah, you all are right...i deserve it, especially since birthdays only come once a year. I'm happy that my DH went out of his way and got me something i really liked.

    You All ROcK!:dothewave:
  12. i think that's great placement.. it's a bit too much over retail for me (i scored a CR gioco, not bnwt, earlier this week for 130 shipped) but if you love it and will get good use out of it other than just looking at it.. i'd say it's worth it?
  13. great score kkiimm on the CR gioco!

    yah it is over retail, but to ease the "overpriced" retails for $203.14 with tax here in actually i only paid like $30 (including s&h) over retail...:biggrin:

    i have every print now...just need me a TAN PG but i am happy and i'm going to make good use of it! :happydance:
  14. totally worth it, if you love it! esp since it's a gift. it really is pretty in that shape.
  15. do you have black cammo? i don't see it on the list! haha. congrats on your perfect CR! not only is it perfect, but it's a gift from your DH! so it's extra special!

    def worth whatever it costs.