Is this too much?

  1. I am attending a wedding in a small town in Virginia next week. The ceremony will be at a church at 5pm and the reception is at a country club immediately after the ceremony. I am wearing a plain navy strapless dress and bought this bolero from NM (see below) to wear over it. My bf things that the silver sequins might be too "loud", but I really need to wear a cover up and couldn't find anything else.

    What do you all think? Is it (in)appropriate for a wedding? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Not so much loud as imo ugly...
  3. I love the bolero.

    I think it is very appropriate for an early evening reception. what about shoes and jewelry ?
  4. I think it'd be really cute for an evening party, but the fact that the reception is at a country club makes me think it might be a little over the top. If you can't find another cover up a nice shawl does the trick pretty well. I have white and black pashmina shawls that I take with me whenever I wear strapless dresses and it's nice to be able to wrap it around my shoulders when I'm cold and it's pretty convenient and elegant/understated. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!
  5. i love that "bolero" in that pic, its totally hot good choice, but i can understand where ur bf is coming from, i think it is the positioning of it that makes him feel like this i.e. if u were wearing a sequined belt when you stand in church/the ceremony it would be covered by the croud, i personally dont think so i think you should wear whatever your comefortable and look good in, also concider a compromise wear the dress to the ceromny and then add the bolero in the reception that way it can almost have a coat like effect to match the cooling weather and look like you put effort into a different outfit for the reception. its up to you either way you will look awsome!
  6. this isn't my style, but i think depending on -your- personal style you could totally rock this. and silver and navy are so pretty together. it's a teeny tiny bit loud, but the rest of your outfit is so low key i think it will be fine.

    if you're still unsure (or if you bf is like my dh and forbids you from wearing something he hates in his presence. hehe) what about a pashmina? they come in all sorts of lovely colors and they're so soft and classy! :smile:
  7. I like the bolero and I think it'd be a great addition to the dark dress. I don't think it's too loud at all, but it also depends on how you do your hair, etc... I can see it definitely being lady-like with a Grace Kelly up-do.
  8. I like it! For a wedding, I dont think its inappropriate. Its suppose to be a happy day. However, if it were say a funeral - definitely not, lol. Is the wedding outside? The sequins might be too shiny in the sunlight but other than that I dont even think being 'loud' is a bad thing - its a wedding! Scream for joy!
  9. I think it's a lovely choice for the evening, but not the church! lol
    Post a pic of the outfit when you get it all together, I bet it looks great.
  10. The bolero is lovely, but I'm thinking for small town, country club it may be a bit much. I second the pashmina idea.
  11. I like the pictured bolero, I think it goes with what the model is wearing. And it would be nice just to cover your shoulders.
  12. These days, who knows? I see people in jeans and sequins at both weddings and funerals. Being in a small town used to mean very low-key, but now that everyone has cable, I don't know if that means much anymore. I would never wear that anywhere, it's not my style. If you like it and are comfortable in it, then wear it! I have a friend who is a bit flashy, but she always looks fabulous. Really, it's not over the top. Just stay away from fishnets. :lol:
  13. I think that is fine for a wedding... I just never know if I can pull those off, but if you can go for it girl!
  14. Totally agree with this! Great advice!
  15. if it's sunny outside, it is a bit much.... I agree, get a shawl or something..