is this too much?

  1. i feel bad about the situation, but am i wrong? is this too much to ask?

    well, i just won a pair of chanel flats on Apr1, yesterday. i contacted the seller immediately about my situation. i let her know that it would take me just a few days to come up with payment because the current cc i was using expired a few hours before her bidding ended and the one i was planning to replace it with is frozen and i wasn't aware of it until i tried paying. i asked her for just a couple of days to finish the transaction. i would still comply with paypal/eBay rules paying by the 7-day deadline considering she had no payment instructions listed.. no "expect payment in 3 days" or "send payment within 48 hours" on her auction. i told her all of this. she sent me the invoice saying if i didn't contact her today, she'd relist or sell to the next highest bidder.

    i just messaged her again re-explaining the whole situation since the previous msg i sent her was kind of unclear. we'll see how it turns out. my account is flawless as of yet, btw. 100% feedback and all sellers have noted my prompt and smooth transactions.

    i know i'm at fault because i haven't paid yet, but it has barely been a day since the auction ended and she's considering relisting the item. :sad: i really want the flats too. i've been looking for them in my size, but they are sold out everywhere! sigh.

    i know i'm sorry for the whole perdicament, but am i asking too much? am i being unreasonable?
  2. IMHO if she didn't have any payment instructions, I don't think you are asking too much since you contacted the seller immediately.
  3. She can not do that.
    eBay gives buyers 7 days to pay!! And she didnt even have paying preference on her acution!

    Why are you at fault? You are NOT required to pay immiediatly! You have 7 days! And you are being a great communicator!
  4. You are within your rights and doing everything right, but it may take the seller a little time to see this...just reading post after post of people jumping the gun on both sides. I would write her a third time, just say you want to make sure she understands that you made your bid in good faith and that you are in the process of paying by xxx within the allowed ebay time frame-you would like flats to be sent to xxx, you understand they will be coming via xxx-no drama from you (I doubt you would); any drama from the other side can be rebutted point by point. Good luck, kill her with kindness, there are steps you can take...
  5. thanks, gummybear and 86leo.

    i really needed your reassurance cos i was about to go insane. lol. i thought i was completely wrong for asking for a teeny payment extension since i usually pay a few hours after the auction end.

    GRR. i hope this entire situation goes well. i don't want to be left with a negative and no flats i've been dying for.
  6. thanks, pugsonpurses. i'll write to her again right now.
  7. LOL.. she should be lucky you're one of the few to communicate so soon after auction's end. If you hadn't you could have probably made her wait 4 days while she tried to convince herself that you were out of town or your internet was down, etc. She can't file a NPB for 7 days anyway.
  8. I think you are being completely reasonable. If I were the seller I would be happy that you had contacted me right away and told me what the situation was. On the other hand as a seller I have had to deal with my share of scammers and dead beats (not at all saying you are one) and I would be worried. She really has no choice but to wait the 7 days. eBay and Paypal won't let her file a claim until then. I agree with the others keep communication open with her and assure her this is just a minor mistake on your part and you are handling it. Let her know you really love the shoes and really want them. I just had this happen with a buyer. She had just moved and didn't realize she couldn't use her credit card because the address didn't match. She only had 1 FB and when she contacted me I was worried but it all worked out in the end.
  9. i thought i posted this earlier. at few hours after i sent her my third message, with no response or contact back!, my entire cc situation cleared and she got her payment within the hour. thus, i paid pretty promptly, a day after auction end, and she was STILL rude to me. not cool. i know i should leaver her neutral or neg, but i also know she'll retaliate and do the same for me. ebay, ebay, ebay.
  10. thanks sea0fyears & cindy. =)