Is this too much toe cleavage?

  1. I just got these GORGEOUS pumps (kind of a late Christmas present) that I just adore - but I'm wondering - do you think they have too much toe cleavage? I think it looks kinda sexy myself as long as it's not too much?
    Andrea toe cleavage.JPG
  2. Those shoes are hott! I love them!
  3. no, i don't think there's too much cleavage. they're fab!
  4. I agree with the other ladies.. I dont think its too much at all! You probably wont even be able to tell, since they're gorgeaus shoes, everyones too busy looking at the shoe haha
  5. doesn't bother me at all. enjoy your new shoes!
  6. HOT HOT HOT! I love them!
  7. Those shoes are super hot, definitely just the right amount of cleavage.
  8. They look good.
  9. Wow those look great!!! Definitely not too much, they look just right to me :smile:
  10. Super Sexy!
  11. Are you kidding,those are great. Size and Make???
  12. I think they are gorgeous and I also wanna know, who makes these :nuts: