Is this too much to pay?????

  1. complete waste of $ sorry
  2. yeah, I agree, waste!!
  3. I think the retail was about $600. You be the judge.
  4. yes, waste
  5. Thanks, I thought this was too high priced for a LV key chain!!! It's cute though but not worth $1600.00 - if it once retailed for $600.00, as mentioned above ~ thanks for your responses!!!
  6. total waste of $$
  7. Not worth it to me.
  8. The Mini's retailed for more than $600.00.. they are more closer to $1,000.00 with tax. It looks like she is wanting to profit around 600.00 for the mini.
  9. I agree that the Minis are a waste of money...sorry Mini yours though!
  10. I love them but I'd rather have an actual bag I can use.
  11. :yes: . Expensive but it's sooooo cute. If you're a serious collector then get it:love:
  12. Yup, they were around 1000US...
  13. I agree ... they are very cute:heart:
  14. oh, the cutenesss $1600 could bring does NOT even compare, it outshines, outweighs and makes you MUCh happier!