Is this too much Gucci?

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  1. I am getting these wedges... and considering the clutch or the gg bag trim in the gunmetal leather... which would you get? Is either bag too much to wear with the wedges?




    Or the bag...


    Or both????
  2. I don't think it's too much! I think both bags go very well with the wedges actually. If I were to choose, I would choose the abbey, but that's just me, because I rarely, if ever go to evening events. If I went to more evening events, I think I would probably choose the clutch. I really like that clutch, it looks really nice in the gunmetal! Since you really love the gunmetal, why not get both? Maybe they'll have the gunmetal items on sale... Good luck deciding! ;)
  3. I dont think its too much...i'm liking the clutch, I really like the design...but like gucciabbey said, for normal occasion, u will use the abbey more than the clutch. So its up to u to decide!
  4. I say get all 3! I don't think that either bag is too much to wear with the wedges.
  5. i gotta say, im LOVING the clutch! u can NEVER have too much gucci ;)

    well ok may u can...but thats not too much at all!
  6. not too much together and I say get everything
  7. ITA! If you can afford them, get them all. Never too much Gucci together.:p
  8. I just bought that bag and I adore it. I think it would go great with the wedges. I wouldn't use the clutch all that much, but if you would, I think it would be okay to buy all 3.
  9. I think I may wait for the clutch to hit the sale... but the wedges and the bag is coming home with me very soon!

    Thanks ladies
  10. not at all. if it were monogram all the way, i would say it's too much. but in this case, it will just look nice and well put-togethere :yes:
  11. Yay post pics when you get your new goodies!
  12. I don't think it's too much. I love them all!

    I like the clutch but you would probably use the other bag more often. Get them all if you can!
  13. No such thing as to much... :graucho:

    Good choice going with the wedges and Abbey. But definitely get the clutch later on.
  14. I coordinate Gucci bags and shoes all the time. They are one of the few that always make shoes that compliment their bags. Not too much in my opinion but I know true fashion die hards are against the matchy matchy concept.
  15. I think the shoes work great with either bag. You can't go wrong :tup: