Is this too much Gucci together

  1. I am so in :heart: with these shoes, do you think the purse would be overkill? Also has anyone seen these shoes in stores yet?
  2. I would not wear them together.Too many logos.
  3. I think it would depend on the outfit. KWIM??? You would be carrying some kind of bag with those shoes, why not a bag that matches??? BUT, I love matchy matchy things!! Its really a PERSONAL preference!! I like it! I have not seen the shoes out and about while shopping, but they are darling!
  4. i personally wouldnt wear both. too many logos.

    i love the shoes. they are too cute!
  5. I don't think it is too much...especially if you wear something that is not patterned.
  6. I like them together. If you were wearing jeans, most of the shoe would be covered up.
  7. Ooo I have that bag too~good pick! :yes: The shoes are also super cute. You should get them. I agree, it would look okay w/ jeans; just make sure your jeans don't "bleed" blue on those shoes!!
  8. I think it would look good together. I don't mind matching bags and shoes.
  9. Too many "G"'s in one location for me :smile:
  10. I love them both but I probably wouldn't wear them at the same time.
  11. I love them both! I think it's fine if you're wearing pants, especially jeans, like melanie said. if you're wearing shorts and a tank, it'd look like overkill, but if you're more covered up, i think it's adorable!!
  12. I love those shoes, I did see them IRL at the gucci on 5th ave and they are much more beautiful in person, the back has gucci written on a little gold/bronze panel, cant really describe it but they are definitely hot! personally, I would'nt wear them together I think its a little too much but just a prefrence.. I never do logo bag and shoes I think its a fashion no no but some people love it.
  13. Love that bag! the shoes are hot too, but would not wear both together.
  14. I love both and definitely would wear them together. The trick is to wear a simple outfit and allow your accessories to shine. Why have both if you aren't going to wear it together? Lovely choice - please post pics if you decide to get them!
  15. i personally wouldn't do both at the same time either...a little too much logo-action for my personal liking..:shame: