Is this too much for a wedding??

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  1. I had gone shopping the other day for a dress for my gf's wedding, and I found a really really cute one by Betsey Johnson. For me, it was weird looking at it on the rack, but once I put it on, it was lovely!! My bf had gone with me, and he even said it looked nice. After showing it around to my friends, however, I received mixed reviews... majority love it, but there are about 3 people who don't.. one person said it wasn't 'pretty' enough, another said that it looks like a puffball (but she didn't see me in it) and my mom said she didn't like the lace, that it looked too 'showy'...

    Unfortunately I don't have the pics with me in it (I left my camera @ home and I'm at my bf's house) but I found one on Ebay)

    eBay: NWT BETSEY JOHNSON EVENING SILK ORGANZA DRESS~SLATE~6 (item 330029157843 end time Oct-15-06 19:28:47 PDT)

    What do you think?? I loved it at first, but now I keep wondering because of all the negative comments... I :heart: the tulle that makes it flouncy. but is it too flouncy?? :confused1: I've been told that it makes my waist look REALLY small... :graucho:
  2. I think that's an adorable dress ... but may be too much for a wedding.... It really depends on the bride and the theme....
  3. The bride is the one that said the dress looks like a puffball.. the MOH, on the other hand (she's my best friend) said it looks really pretty and she likes it on me....

    There isn't really a theme or anything like that.. it's going to be held at a very nice venue in Long Island, NY and that's about it..

  4. I like it, but if the bride is wearing something understated you might not want to wear something as showy.
  5. whatchu talking about girl? that dress is adorable!!! SO GET IT. or ill get it before you. lol jk
  6. I did get to see her dress (but this was like 6 months ago).. it's not the uber princessy look (I don't know how to describe it), but it's not a simple, plain dress. ugh, I wish I could describe it better.. but it's definately not plain.. it's an ivory color, with heavy satin.. if I remember correctly, there are quite a few gathers and ALOT of buttons.. it's a Chinese wedding, so she's going to have to change mid-way into the traditional crimson wedding dress, and then again into the Chinese qi-pao.. so it's really hard to say that her dresses would be understated.. (am I making any sense??)

  7. lol!! I actually already have the dress from Macy's, so you're definately welcome to the one on Ebay!!! :lol:

    Thanks for your opinion!!! :yes:
  8. it's a cute dress, with the right shoes & bags, i think the dress can be toned down to be more casual :P
    i love it!!
  9. If it's a Chinese wedding, then you won't be overdressed. I'm Chinese and have been to many Chinese weddings and the brides are very showy, so don't worry.
  10. I've matched it with the Vuitton perle Malibu street and a white pair of strappy Guess sandal.. right now I'm trying to decide on a wrap/shawl if I really do wear it!

    I'm just afraid if all the other guests go for the sleek, sophisticated black look (KWIM?), and I'll be the only cute, poufy dress! But who cares, right? I'm Chinese too., and the weddings that I've attended, I don't really recall the lady guests wearing anything like this.. that's why I'm a little worried... I'll go home tonight and post a pic of me in it for you to see!
  11. I definitely wouldn't wear it to a daytime wedding... maybe an evening wedding, but honestly I think something more understated is more appropriate, either way.
  12. even at chinese weddings, i think it's a bit much. maybe something simple but colorful instead? its the brides wedding. if she said she wasnt fond of it, then i wouldnt wear it
  13. It's gorgeous! I LOVE Betsey Johnson dresses and have a black wrap one I've worn to quite a few weddings. I think this one is more evening-ish.
  14. If you're in the wedding, wear what the bride agrees on. If not, who cares? It's fab! I would buy it if I had somewhere to wear it.
  15. I agree....

    Based on what you said, most will show up in something more understated. You will stand out. That's not necessarily a bad thing ... but sometimes it's hard to maintain confidence....